Version 0.9

buildflow - Automation for iOS made easy

  • Drag & drop build process
  • Supports also App Store Videos, not just Screenshots
  • No dependendencies from frameworks, tools or scripts
  • Makes fun to work with (say bye to the command line)
Available soon for macOS

Requirements: macOS Sierra 10.12.1 or higher

Shows the build and release process in a live view with time, state and all details.

Create the process with predefined modules by drag & drop.

Create all media automatically by enhancing XCode UI Automation.

I was never good using the command line, now i don't have to be.

Clay Farmell iOS Developer

As a one person company I have to be efficient. With buildflow I am.

Alex Berger iOS Developer

We now longer spend a lot of time on scripting and everyone in the team can release now an App.

Chrisyina Fay SCRUM Master

Release our Apps in just a few minutes. Including Video and Screenshots. Amazing!

- Thomas Gerber Tech Lead
I use fastlane, why I should use buildflow?

fastlane is a great tool, especially when use as part of a build server like Jenkins. But you must know ruby and scripting to use it efficiently. buildflow simplifies this process drastically and you never have to use the command line.

What infrastructure i need?

You just need your Mac. buildflow is not a server solution but a great tool to simplify the release of any iOS App locally and trough a beautiful and simple to use UI.

Is it just for individual Developers?

While buildflow is created as a desktop solution to use on your Mac, the goal was to create something interactive for the individual or small teams. If you need complex build automation and server builds then you better go with Jenkins and/or fastlane.

Is buildflow open source?

buildflow itself is not open source, but it just cost you a small one time fee to support my development and maintenance. No license or subscription is needed. However, in addition to that, some of the plugins I created for buildflow, can also be used in other tools like fastlane or jenkins and will be available as open source.

App Screenshots

xxxx 1.2.5

Released on xx/xx/xx
  • coming soon.
  • coming soon.
  • coming soon.
  • coming soon.
  • coming soon.

xxxx 1.2

Released on xx/xx/xx
  • coming soon.
  • coming soon..
  • coming soon.

xxxx 1.1

Released on xx/xx/xx
  • coming soon.
  • coming soon.