Little Kicker

Version 0.5


  • A game with an addicting gameplay
  • Individual levels depending where you are
  • Works in every room and outside
  • Records the funniest scenes in a video
Available soon for iOS

Requirements: iOS 11 or higher, iPhone 6s, 7, 8 or X

By just have a soccer ball. Solve all the levels in augmented reality and help this little soccer to fame and glory.

While it starts easy, the level get more and more complicated. Your location and environment has a big impact!

Challenging situations and beautiful levels. While this little kicker do all with a twinkle ;), enjoy it!

It makes so much fun to play! This little kicker seems really to have his own personality :)

Steve Beta tester

It's really cool how the real environment is integrated in the gameplay. Even the graphics is simpler then in other games. The game makes so much more fun.

Claire Beta tester

I played for hours. A simple but very addictive game. Thumbs up!

Jiron Beta tester

Cool idea to use real objects as part of the game. Can't wait to play more levels.

Ralf Beta tester
How Little Kicker works?

Little Kicker starts easy by let you learn the skills to shoot the ball on a flat plane. After it get's more complicated and the different surfaces detected from the environment get used to build a level.

What is the goal?

You must kick the ball trough the levels. Avoid obstacles, touch gems and use blocks to find the perfect way for the ball. A level is solved when the ball is hitting the goal area.

What impact has my environment?

Most games just display the game in the AR environment. Little Kicker is different. Tables, floors and other parts of your environment get used as part of a level. So your environment defines the styles but also the comlexity of a level.

Which iPhone i need?

Little Kicker works on all iPhone's that support ARKit. That means all models starting at iPhone 6s. However, ARKit needs a lot of power to work seamingless. So I recommend to use either a iPhone 7, iPhone 8 or the upcoming iPhone X.

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xxxx 1.2.5

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xxxx 1.2

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xxxx 1.1

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